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Juliette Aristides

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From september 9th 2007:

Colour and light play a large part in Trisha's work and the traditional style of still life painting is brought into present day focus by the use of modern colour combinations and subject matter. Materials are carefully chosen and sourced. Paint is of the finest quality and often includes rare and genuine colours such as Vermilion, Lapis etc. Fine linen and cotton are used for stretched canvases and the panels are specially prepared.

Trisha had a painting accepted in the 1998 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and this gave a fresh momentum to her work and she continued to develop the now familiar and more simplified compositions traditional subject matter with a contemporary uncluttered twist.

Although some of her paintings have a personal content they generally have fairly simple titles allowing the viewer's imagination to create impressions and stories relevant to themselves. All her pieces are intended to convey positive feelings; some deep, warm and reassuring, others light and uplifting.

Trisha has an impressive Exhibiting history and her work can be found in private collections in the U.K., U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Japan and Ireland. WREN GALLERY has included her oils in several mixed exhibitions but we are now delighted to be hosting this solo show of 24 mouth watering works. She is not prolific, the meticulous nature of her work whereby paintings are built up over days and weeks using thin layers of colour means she will only complete 40-50 in a year.

DON'T miss this opportunity to purchase a timeless treasure.

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Still life Trisha Hardwick
Still life Trisha Hardwick

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