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Vic Vicini


My parents came to United States from San Marino, Italy (the oldest Republic in the world) in 1954. The Vicini's come from a long line of artistic family members. My cousins are very talented artist themselves and my father is a very skilled carpenter.

Vic Vicini

I studied art at Wayne State University and received a BFA in painting and printmaking.

I've exhibited throughout the midwest and have won numerous awards. After I got married in 1982 to my beautiful wife, I changed careers. I worked in art galleries for several years and finally settled into a web development career. My passion for painting was always there. In 1998, I discovered the well known artist Robert Vickrey. I experimented with egg tempera and fell in love with the medium.. I met Mr. Vickrey at one of his shows in Kalamazoo Michigan and was intrigued by his work. After several years painting in tempera I took up oil again. With the onset of Ebay, my passion to paint grew. The ease in which I could display my work and connect with people was fantastic! Although I sell my work at a much lower price compared to art galleries, Ebay drives me to achieve.

I have hundreds of art collectors, art buyers and art lovers who have collected my work through the years. I really enjoy meeting and discussing art with many of these art collectors and am very appreciative of their support.

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