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Juliette Aristides

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Volkert Olij


In my paintings I try to leave out the issues of the day as much as possible. Quiet! Preferably deafening and universal.

Volkert Olij

On consecrated painting ground near the sea behind the Hague dunes I try to copy the game of light and shade from my illustrous predecessors. The choice and placing of the plain objects is of cardinal importance , since only by their curves, reflections and different sizes I can like them let the light tell the story.

In the whirl of art crying out for attention, I want my paintings to be a breathing space. Even though wife and children think differently when, in the holidays, our trunk once again bulges with French antiquities.

My way of working demands love of the trade, a lot of patience, traditional craftmanship, precision and a learning process of a great many years. I learnt the practical things at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam and the Kunsthochschule in Cologne. My talent was rewarded with the Pulchri Publieksprijs. (International) art collectors, interior designers and galleries have in the meantime discovered that my timeless still lifes appeal to a broad art loving public.

Anyone wanting to know more about my work or person can contact me here.

Source: Volkert Olij