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Walter Dolphyn


Walters work which developed to its maturity in the early 90s was very much in the style of his father Willem. His minute attention to detail and often highly complex assortment of disparate objects were typical genre paintings in the Dutch tradition.

Walter Dolphyn

Gradually however, contemporary and often quirky objects came to dominate his subject matter and consequently his work began to evolve into the highly individualistic and often idiosyncratic style that is evident in his recent body of work.

Walter's paintings stand, stylistically deeply rooted in 17th century Dutch still life but they are not claustrophobically immersed in this tradition. Rather his work exhibits a fresh contemporary spirit through his intelligent and playful choice of subject matter. Walter's images can be enjoyed on two levels His charming objects pose tantalizing questions of the viewer as they sit curiously juxtaposed. The almost miraculous application of paint that describes these objects gives his works an artistic weight that sets him at the forefront of contemporary Dutch figurative painting.


1992 Gallery van Der Plancken, Antwerp 1993 Cultural Center, Mechelen Gallery Van Der Plancken, Antwerp 1994 Monaco Fine Arts, Monte Carlo Hof De Bist, Ekeren (Antwerp) 1995 Chamber of Commerce, Antwerp W H Patterson, London 1996 Gallery Het heeft geen naam, Berchem (Antwerp) Gallery Van Der Plancken, Antwerp Monaco Fine Arts, Monte CarlO W H Patterson, London 1997 Gallery Needien, Neede (Holland) Gallery Bonnard, Nuenen (Holland) 1998 Monaco Fine Arts, Monte Carlo 1999 Hoeve Rylaaradam 2000 Monaco Fine Arts, Monte Carlo W H Patterson, London