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Wayne Jiang


The fundamental nature of my aesthetic rests in the use of simple, quiet compositions that visually communicate emotion within the precepts of narrative realism. Intimate scenes of family gatherings, unusual renderings of ordinary objects, subtle glimpses of everyday life. These images are collectively reflect on stillness, solitude and mystery- yet with an element of comfort and familiarity.

Wayne Jiang

My creative approach is driven by the desire to balance traditional principles of painting and contemporary design, seeking inspiration from by a variety of artistic genres and periods, including 17th Century Dutch genre paintings, 19th and 20th century American Realism, as exemplified in the works of John Singer Sargent and Andrew Wyeth, and modern documentary photographers such as Evan Walker and Sally Mann.

I first decide upon a subject matter by using photo references taken of family members, friends and familiar environments. Several photographs are carefully arranged and reworked using collages and pencil drawings. The result frequently lends to "in the moment" snapshots of people, still lifes and interesting environments, offering open-ended narratives in which viewers are invited to form subjective interpretations.

Once the details of the image are established, a pencil outline of the composition is drawn on to a gesso-primed canvas or panel. The design is then saturated with shades of yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and raw umber, providing a rich undercoat from which to build. Alternating applications of a clear gloss medium and paint is applied to the surface, creating a translucent property that adds a sense of depth to the overall composition. The glaze-acrylic combination is one I find quite pleasing for the quick-drying quality, ultimately allowing for multiple layers in a timely fashion.

Specific elements of design play in integral role in the result of each painting. By way of example, careful color selection is essential in conveying the underlying mood of the composition. My "Interior" paintings are rendered in rich, warm colors that blend to convey a sense of intimacy and tranquility, and are reminiscent of the candlelit luminosity of Baroque paintings. Comparatively, the ?Gray? series features gradations of blues, greens and grays often juxtaposed with soft earth tones that collectively capture the spirit of natural environments and the gentleness of dimly lit rooms. Feelings of mystery and lucidity are conveyed in my nighttime scenes, employing a softened palette to emulate the allure of nocturnal light.

Another important stylistic choice is the size and shape of the canvas. Some paintings are square-shaped, as if providing a window in which to carefully observe. Others are evocative of elongated Chinese scrolls, rendered on vertical and horizontal rectangles that lend to a panoramic view of my subject. The size of my paintings is often smaller in scale, granting an intimate setting in which people may closely observe the painting's content and arrangement.

In my effort to coalesce traditional and contemporary design practices, I strive to create works of art that retain a timeless quality while incorporating contemporary subject matter. In doing so, it is my resolve to provide viewers with visual explanations of emotion that will hopefully make for a lasting impression.jos@stumpernickel:/tmp$