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Wendy Blackwell


Artist Statement

Following the tradition of realism, my work attempts to explore light and shadow on inanimate objects and create a conversation between color and texture. When composing a still life, I most enjoy taking a moment to observe all the elements that encompass it and noticing how unique the fingerprint of God is, even in the simplicity of a piece of fruit. I enjoy the realization that my work is grounded in Christ, and I am reminded that I have an opportunity to communicate a narrative that is relevant to our culture without negating the glory of the Lord. This provides many opportunities for God's grace to influence the finished products. The outcome does not depend on of my own self reliance; rather, God is the source of my talent. I will continue to work on my skills while enjoying that which God has given to me. I look forward to what He has in store for me next.

Wendy Blackwell


Wendy Blackwell has pursued a non-traditional education outside the confinement of one program. This has allowed her to seek broader instruction of national artists and living masters within specific mediums. Her work reflects the discipline gained by this exposure. Blackwell's work has been exhibited at the Las Cruces Convention and Visitors Center in New Mexico, as well as national venues such as The Tucson Botanical Gardens in Arizona. Her paintings are included in private collections, as well as publicly celebrating a hallmark of Southern New Mexico, The Hatch Chile Festival. Her piece titled "Ristra" was introduced as the first 2001 official print for this event. Presently, the Unsettled Gallery in Las Cruces, NM represents her work. Recent work will be featured in an exhibit at The Easel Place in Albuquerque, NM April 2010. Additionally, she is preparing for group shows in Arizona with The Tucson Colored Pencil Artist Association and a solo exhibition in January 2011 at the Unsettled Gallery. She holds memberships in the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), and the Tucson Colored Pencil Artist Association (TCPAA).

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