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Willem Dolphyn


Victor Dolphyn, who also took him from an early age to museums and galleries to see and study the works of great artists. Furthermore, he had ample opportunity, as ateacher at the Academy where he taught for 40 years, to give his son technical guidance. Willem Dolphyn said himseld about his father "He is in his life and certainly his work, my daily example"

Willem Dolphyn

Willem became at 17 the youngest student ever to enter the National Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp.

The first international recognition of his work came with an invitation in 1957 to show some of his minatures at an exhibition in Castle Nyenrode in Breukelen, in the province of Utrecht, Holland. The big breakthrough really came in 1968 when at an exhibition in Antwerp, 42 paintings, landscapes and still lives were sold, whilst the exhibition produced a stream of orders. Since that time, his work has spread throughout Europe and to other parts of the world.

Over the years Dolphyn has specialised in painting still life. Objects d'art, flowers, nuts and fruit. His use of special colours and beautiful light effects used with great sensitivity portraying a defineite and recognisable style.

Willem Dolphyn has not only dedicated most of his life to painting but he also teaches. He gave lessons in portrait and figure painting at the Academy of Berchem, and moreover he continues the initiative of his father, Victor, who is the founder of the new Classsic School of Traditional painting. His achievements and awards are many, culminating in his latest prestige appointment as Ambassador of Arts for the City of Antwerp.